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Training course «Effective advocacy at the United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms»

The Institute for Law and Public Policy (ILPP) invites human rights lawyers and civil society activists to participate in a 2-day training on advocacy at the United Nations.

Location: Moscow

Duration: April 19-20, 2019


The training will provide a unique opportunity to learn how the UN mechanisms work, and how to use them to protect and promote human rights at the national level. During the two days of intensive lectures and workshops, the participants will build on their knowledge about the UN human rights bodies, developing effective advocacy strategies for specific human rights issues and ensuring implementation of the UN bodies’ recommendations at the national level. The participants will be invited to complete written assignments and to engage in a moot court. Training is organized within the Project Bringing Constitutional Law, International Law, and Comparative Law Expertise to Support the Russian Advokatura and other Human Rights Defenders with support from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow. 

The working language of the training will be English. Please note that no interpretation into Russian will be provided.

Profile of Participants:

The participants will be selected through a competitive process. We invite lawyers and activists working for a human rights organization for at least 2 years to apply. No prior experience with the UN is obligatory, but a commitment to engage with its mechanisms in the near future is expected.

To make the learning experience more effective and beneficial, the Institute will select up to 25 applicants for participation in the training course.

Application Process:

Please complete the Online Application Form by April 1, 2019, 12:00 MSK. Successful participants will be notified by April 3, 2019. Please note that the applicants may be requested an online interview in English.

Reimbursement & Costs:

Travel and accommodation subsidy grants are limited and not guaranteed. Subsidies will be granted on merit and at the discretion of ILPP.

Should you have questions, please contact


Christien Wildeman

Counsel. Attorney at law, Kennedy van der Laan 

Christien is counsel in the IP/ Media team of law firm Kennedy van der Laan. Her practice focuses on the media, free speech, soft IP, internet law and media regulation. Christien is a very experienced media litigator. Christien’s media defence work has led to a variety of ground breaking media case law. Christien studied at Leiden University and Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). She holds Master degrees in civil and criminal law and has worked as a clerk of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

Emiel Jurjens

Attorney at law, Kennedy van der Laan

Emiel Jurjens represents media and journalists in court in high-profile cases relating to the freedom of speech. He also deals with commercial disputes involving media and cases which relate to intellectual property rights and/or fundamental rights. Emiel is one of the experts advising Dutch and international media and online platforms on media regulation. Emiel is a part of the renowned media team of Kennedy Van der Laan (2018: Chambers tier 1 and Legal 500 band 1). He teaches and publishes regularly on subjects including fake news, the right to be forgotten and media regulation.

Nataliya Sekretaryova

Senior Lawyer, Institute for Law and Public Policy

Nataliya holds a law degree from Moscow State University School of Law and an Advanced LL.M. degree from Leiden University. Her professional interests include public international law, criminal law and procedure, protection of women's rights, and protection against discrimination.



Olga Podoplelova

Senior Lawyer, Institute for Law and Public Policy 

Olga graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics School of Law. Her professional and academic interests include constitutional safeguards for social rights, protection against discrimination, and rights of indigenous peoples. She has brought successful claims to both the Russian Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights in matters involving civil law and procedure, criminal law and procedure, social welfare law, and protection of lawyers' professional rights.

Sophie de Graaf

Policy and Program Officer at Lawyers for Lawyers

Lawyers for Lawyers is an independent Dutch lawyers' organization advocating for lawyers around the world who are threatened or suppressed in the exercise of their profession. As Policy and Program officer, Sophie develops and manages Lawyers for Lawyers' global Defend, Empower and Influence programs to support lawyers at risk, empower them to fulfil their role as essential agents of the administration of justice, and to strengthen their international recognition and protection in laws, policies and practices at national and international level, including through human rights mechanisms of the United Nations. Sophie holds a cum laude bachelor's degree in law from the University of Amsterdam and Copenhagen University, and a master's degree in Public International Law from the University of Amsterdam.

Tamilla Abdul-Aliyeva - Attorney at law, Kennedy van der Laan

Tamilla is a junior associate at the Privacy practice group of Kennedy Van der Laan. She advises both Dutch and international companies in matters concerning data protection, e-privacy and telecommunications. During her bachelor’s, Tamilla spent a semester studying international law in Vienna (Austria). Tamilla graduated in 2017 from the University of Amsterdam, where she completed her Master’s degree specialising in Information Law. 


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